Our Company

The Deco Shivani is the result of experience of more than half a century in the field of constructing and equipping buildings. The rich history of Deco Shivani includes the interior decoration and furnishing of hotels, accommodation and leisure facilities, patient hotels, and private and public buildings. The Deco Shivani experts design and supply the equipment and accessories required for your environment based on scientific engineering and decorative arts in the best and most optimal possible way, and they will be reliable advisers for your project and other processes in order to create an identity and a stylish and chic environment according to your taste and budget.

The Deco Shivani company combines industrial principles and standards with art and experience based on the commitment to its organizational mission and according to its proper organizational vision in terms of social responsibility and commercial activity so that the result will be a unique ability for ensuring that its proposed and implemented creation, equipment, and decoration would be the best and most magnificent possible design and implementation for the target environment and spaces.

We will design your environment based on expert evaluations from a technical and professional perspective according to the related standards, taking into account the nature of activity and your viewpoint, in the form of a program aimed to create an integrated brand identity for you.