Message from the CEO

In the Name of God, the Almighty

Based on the principles of resistance economy and development of industries and enterprises in the field of services, we have decided to establish a strong brand to provide equipping, supplying, and decorating services for hotels and residential facilities using modern scientific and technical expertise in order to take a step in improving the structure of Iranian commercial sector.

The brand of Deco Shivani is the result of decades of activity in the industries of construction, furniture, equipment, accessories, and interior decoration, in the organizational vision of which there is qualitative and quantitative development of this market with its comprehensive capabilities in providing services. It is hoped to offer consulting and commercial services in this area in the most optimal and perfect way to all the investors and those involved in the tourism and building industry using the expertise of experts, based on its grand organizational mission and vision with special attention to social responsibilities listed in the strategic documents of the Pars Iliya Economic Development Holding Company.

CEO of Pars Iliya Economic Development Company