In Brief

Deco Shivani brand is one of the brands developed by Pars Iliya Economic Development Holding Company in 2015. Pars Iliya Co. with more than twenty years of experience in the building industry and related industries, furniture and interior decoration, and recently the tourism industry, is proud to introduce the brand of Deco Shivani as a valuable legacy of several years of successful commercial presence in the Iranian markets.  

Field of activity: designing, supplying, equipping, and decorating residential accommodations such as hotels, residential and recreational complexes, patient hotels, and office and commercial buildings.

The owner of the brand shares: Pars Iliya Economic Development Company

Address: No. 17, W Nahid St., Nelson Mandela St., Tehran

Postal code: 1966915461

Phone: +982126215881

Fax: +982126215887