How We Develop a Mutual Understanding

At the first meeting with you, we will develop a mutual understanding based on your views and ideas. Through past experiences and for expediting the work process, our expert team provides you with the maps and plans with documented reports of your environment and your requests according to variables such as related standards, budget, and time. At the next meeting, we will provide the design and decoration options designed exclusively for you according to the required processes.

In the design of your space and environment, all design, creation, and equipment services will be taken into consideration, as they relate to the ideas of the form and structure of the environment and space and of furnishing the environment and the facades and walls and decorating the environment with modern materials and accessories. Hence, everything will be provided based on an integrated implementation plan for you, which is among our key capabilities. Your first consultation with us will provide you with the latest high quality luxury services, since we do the work with you and for you.

Our wide range of services meet different requirements at various levels. In our successful, unique list of professional background, there are projects link Fairmont hotel in Tehran and Lotus hotel in Mashhad, both of which claim to maintain the most desirable qualities in Iran. There are also other projects like Moazam commercial offices in Tehran, each of which alone indicates the capabilities of Deco Shivani.

We are aware that any structure and environment grows and develops with the goal of satisfying a series of the needs of those are involved both directly and indirectly. We will thus satisfy your audience's highest level needs. Therefore, you will be the best with us.

Thanks to several decades of experience in the field of construction, including hotels, commercial centers, office and residential buildings, and in the design of interior spaces and decoration in the most luxurious and modern possible way, we have sources of supply, and numerous business relationships and partners among related industries, leading and major Iranian, European, American, Asian brands in the field of interior decoration and equipment. This made it possible for our design team to use the best possible resources for your needs and environment.

Our services will not be limited to the implementation phase. Throughout the implementation process, all the processes and actions the team members are involved in are managed by the Deco Shivani team, and you will pursue the path of creating a strong, fundamental, and basic and visual identity during the project by consulting this unit. Our goal behind this approach is also to develop mutual cooperation with you in your current business direction, so that you will make a safe and secure investment in creating your own environment.

The first comprehensive supplier of design, supply, furnishing, and decoration services for residential, tourist, commercial, and office facilities in Iran.